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In case of emergency or loss, simply and quickly reunite with your lost belongings, pets or loved ones when they are found

Using the our ecosystem means giving everything you love the best chance to make its way home when its lost.


How It Works?

Using our award winning APP to simply tag anything you love and give it or them the best chance to make its way home when lost.


Tag what you love with our unique identifiers (labels, bracelets, tags and more)… to be quickly reunited with your lost belongings, pets or loved ones while assisting first responders in case you are in a medical emergency.

Tag Me


No matter how careful you are, everyone is prone to losing a few things along the way, whether it is your fault or not

In 1999, an estimated 1,315,600 US children met the criteria for being classified as caretaker missing, i.e., their caretakers did not know their whereabouts and were alarmed for at least 1 hour while trying to locate them (USDOJ)

One-third of all dogs and cats in the United States are reported missing in their lifetimes (PEEVA)

Americans spend $2.7 billion dollars a year replacing lost items (Survey by Pixie)

Lose Me


When a lost item, pet or person’s (child’s…) QR code is scanned, the finder is provided with the information you are comfortable sharing. In addition, you are linked to them via a secure and anonymous multilingual chat to arrange for the safe return of your item or loved one

Should you be subjected to a medical emergency, first responders will have access to your vital information such as allergies or pre-existing conditions. In addition, your emergency contacts will be notified, provided with your location, and given the ability to chat or video chat with your good Samaritan.

And since FOUND ME believes in building a kinder world and rewarding ethical behavior, we provide all our good Samaritans with a reward

FOUND ME is a convenient, affordable solution to help ensure that anything or anyone you love can be returned safely and securely if lost and found. This is all done confidentially, anonymously, and securely through our FOUND ME app or website.

Found Me

Do You Know How Much Do You
Have To Lose?

  • Keep your family safe

    Keep your family safe

  • Reduce inconvenience of replacing objects

    Reduce inconvenience of replacing objects

  • Reduce risk of <br/>identity theft

    Reduce risk of
    identity theft

  • Save money

    Save money

Losing things can be costly and inconvenient to replace.

Click below to determine your costs, inconvenience, identity theft factor scores and replacement cost.

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One Dime

All That For A Dime A Day

For 10 cents a day per person you can protect everything you love.

Security & Privacy

Found Me
Found Me
Found Me

Security, privacy and compliance are in our DNA, which is why we are constantly working to ensure our solutions meet the latest global data safety standards. We undergo external audits and reviews to ensure our services are compliant and secure.